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Overdrive option

Overdrive option

“Overdrive” your investments in PAMM accounts and get a bonus of up to USD 5,000!


Terms of the Promotion:

  1. These Terms and Conditions set forth the rules and regulations for holding the Promotion "Equity Overdrive" (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion").
  2. The organizer of the Promotion is Alpari Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
  3. Term of the Promotion: from 1 until 31 march 2021 inclusive (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion Period").
  4. All Alpari clients who have invested in PAMM accounts during the Promotion Period (hereinafter referred to as "Clients") automatically become Promotion Participants. You can sign up for the Promotion at any time during the Promotion Period, but in any case, it will end on 31 march 2021.
  5. As part of the promotion, all PAMM account investors will be eligible to receive a cash bonus.

    5.1. The bonus is transferred to the Client's personal account as real funds in USD, available for withdrawal once it has been credited.

    5.2. To calculate and accrue a bonus within the framework of the Promotion for investors of PAMM accounts, the indicators “Base Turnover" and "Incremental Turnover" are introduced.

    5.3. The value of “Base Turnover" during the Promotion Period is calculated as follows:

      1. First, the value of the indicator for each of the Client’s individual investment accounts is calculated based on the results of a single hour: The equity of the account at the beginning of the hour is multiplied by the maximum leverage value on the PAMM account during that hour. For accounts held in a currency other than USD, when calculating an indicator, Equity is converted at the rate set by the Company (the average bid-ask spread) at the time of settlement.
      2. By adding up all the resulting "Base Turnover" values for each of the Client's accounts, the final "Base Turnover" value per hour is found. In this case, investor accounts shall be understood only as the Client’s personal investment accounts. PAMM portfolio investment accounts are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.
      3. The “Base Turnover” values for each hour of the Promotion Period are added to the final indicator of the “Base Turnover” for the entire Promotion Period.

    5.4. At the end of the Promotion, growth of the "Base Turnover" in the Promotion period in relation to the Period preceding the Promotion is calculated (for such a period, in terms of Promotion, the month from 1 to 31 march 2021 is used). Thus, the “Base Turnover” value for the Period preceding the Promotion is subtracted from the “Base Turnover" value for the Promotion period. The grand total is the "Incremental Turnover" value. If, during the Period preceding the Promotion, the client did not invest in PAMM accounts, zero is deducted from the value of the "Base Turnover" indicator for the Promotion period. Thus, the entire turnover achieved during the Promotion period is counted as an increment.

    5.5. For every million unit of “Incremental Turnover" value, the Client is awarded a bonus equal to USD 1. No bonus is awarded for an incomplete million.

    5.6. The maximum aggregate bonus is USD 5000 (or the equivalent in EUR/RUB at the rate set by the Company at the time when the funds are credited).

  6. Bonuses will be paid out within a week after the end of the Promotion.
  7. The bonus is credited regardless of whether the result of trading on the PAMM accounts in which the Client holds funds was positive or negative.
  8. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Promotion, amend the current terms and conditions or not pay a bonus if illegal actions are detected.

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