It's our 18th anniversary!

99.9% on your deposit

99 reasons to be happy!

99 reasons to be happy!

From the 1st of February to the 30th of April only, we are offering +99.9% on each deposit made!


Offer conditions

  1. These conditions outline the terms for which the promotion "99 reasons to be happy" (hereinafter, "offer") is valid.
  2. Alpari Limited (hereinafter, "company") is responsible for organising this offer.
  3. The terms and procedure under which the bonus is transferred to the client are outlined in these conditions.
  4. The offer runs from the 1st of February to the 30th of April, 2017.
  5. This offer is only available to company clients who have registered through the special link provided in the banner by the 30th of April. Clients may only take part in this offer once.


    If the client has not registered for the offer using the link provided in the banner, they will not be able to take part in the offer and no bonus finds will be credited to them.

  6. The client must make a minimum deposit of 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) from an external payment system to a standard.mt4 account within 7 days of registration. Commission refunds given by the company as part of the payment systems confirmation offer are not taken into consideration when calculating and crediting the bonus. Upon registration, only the first standard.mt4 account into which the necessary funds are deposited will be included in the offer. This does not include any internal account-to-account transfers made by the client. Any deposits made to trading accounts before registration will not be counted as part of the offer.
  7. Company clients; having fulfilled the conditions set out in clauses 5 and 6 of the offer conditions, will then receive a one-off, non-withdrawable bonus totaling 99.9% of the deposited amount. The amount of bonus funds to be credited is calculated by totaling the deposit amount, minus any funds withdrawn from the account after registering for the offer. Any additional deposits made to the account within 7 days of registration will also feature as part of the offer, and as such will be eligible for bonus credit.


    In calculating the bonus for this offer, the actual time and date the funds are received are taken into account. Payments that are processed outside the 7-day time period will not be counted as part of the offer.


    The client registers for the offer and withdraws 100 USD from their standard.mt4 account. They then deposit 100 USD into the same account. In this case the client will not receive a bonus since the deposited amount minus the withdrawn amount is zero.

  8. The maximum possible bonus amount is 5000 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer).
  9. To withdraw funds after having transferred them to activate the offer, the client must complete a certain amount of trading operations with currency pairs and / or spot metals within 30 days of the initial deposit to the standard.mt4 account. For each full lot traded, 5 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) of the bonus funds will be transferred. The amount of trading operations needed to withdraw the full bonus amount can be calculated as follows: amount of credit converted to USD at the time of the initial transfer / 5 USD.
  10. The offer will be ended prematurely if the client:
    • Completes the requisite amount of trading operations equivalent to the amount of lots that make up the sum of the bonus. Bonus funds will be transferred to the trading account balance in full once the conditions for trading volume are met.
    • In any way withdraws funds (including internal account-to-account transfers) from the trading account used in the offer once the minimum deposit of 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) has been made to the account. If this happens, the client will receive any bonus credit that corresponds to the volume of trading operations already made up until that moment. Any remaining credit funds will be wiped.
  11. If the offer has not been invalidated early by the client, 30 days after the initial deposit to activate the offer was made, a corresponding amount (according to the aforementioned formula) of bonus credit will be added to the account. The remaining credit that doesn't comply with the terms of the offer will be wiped.


    The client deposits 1000 USD into their standard.mt4 account and complies with all the offer conditions. For this the client receives 999 USD. In order to withdraw or use this credit, the client must complete trading operations amounting to 199.8 lots. If the client does this within 30 days of the initial deposit that activated the offer, then their account will be credited with the 999 USD bonus within the same time period. Calculation formula: 1000 x 99.9% / 5 = 199.8 lots. If within the specified period the client only completes 100 lots, they will be able to withdraw 500 USD. This amount will be made available after the 30 day period has come to an end. In this case, the remaining 499 USD of bonus credit will be wiped.

  12. The offer is subject to the following conditions:
    • Only trades that are open for at least 3 minutes and are closed before the end of the 30 day period count towards the client's trading volume.
    • The calculation of the trading operations for trades that are closed using locked positions or by using the "Multiple Close By" function in the platform are calculated as only half of the closed accumulated trading volume.
    • During the offer, an account with negative balance is not compensated, and credit is not wiped until the 30 days have passed or the trading volume conditions are met.
    • The credit is included in the calculation of Equity and Free Margin. Credit wiped from the account can affect the margin level and in doing so lead to a Stop Out taking place.
    • In cases where equity is less than or equal to the bonus credit on the account, the company retains the right to forcibly close the client's open positions and prevent further trading until the required amount of funds are deposited or until the offer ends.
    • In order to prevent fraudulent transactions with the credit, or if such activities are discovered, the company retains the right to cancel the entire credit from the client's account without prior notice or explanation.
    • Trades using CDFs are not included in the offer.
  13. By taking part in the offer, the client confirms that they understand and agree to all the offer conditions.
  14. The client understands and accepts that the MetaTrader4 terminal will take into account bonus credit for the Margin Level on accounts that are taking part in the offer.
  15. The company retains the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without prior warning.


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