It's our 19th anniversary!

Fulfil your dreams - 20 years of Alpari

Fulfil your dreams - 20 years of Alpari

Fulfil your dreams - 20 years of Alpari

The final raffle will be live-streamed on the 12th of December!

Offer conditions

  1. These terms and conditions set out how the "Fulfil your dreams - 20 years of Alpari" offer (hereinafter "Offer") shall be conducted. You can read the full Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link.
  2. This Offer has been organised by Alpari Limited (hereinafter "Company").
  3. The Offer will run from the 5th of February through the 7th of December, 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer Period"). The raffle for the top prizes will be held on the 12th of December, 2018. Click here to access the stream.
  4. Participation in the Offer is available to all Company clients (hereinafter "Participants").
  5. As part of the Offer, Participants receive digital raffle tickets. Each ticket has a digital number, which is assigned to the Participant and displayed in their myAlpari. Participants get tickets for making deposits to their trading or transitory accounts. One ticket is issued for every 1,000 USD deposited.

    Example. If a participant tops up their account by 3,000 USD, they will receive 3 tickets. If a participant tops up their account by 4,900 USD, they will receive 4 tickets.

  6. All account deposits made from an external payment system during the Offer period are included as part of the Offer.
    1. Commission fees that are reimbursed by the Company as part of a special offer providing commission refunds are not included as part of the deposit amount.

      Example. A Participant makes a deposit of 1,000 USD to their account via bank card. Since the payment system charges a commission fee, 975 USD appears on the account. In this case, the Participant does not receive a ticket. If the Participant makes a subsequent deposit such that at least 25 USD appears on the account, they will receive one ticket.

    2. When calculating how many tickets to assign to a Participant, the net amount deposited to myAlpari is taken into account, meaning that the calculation is done based on the total amount of funds that have been deposited and not subsequently withdrawn, while also accounting for the number of tixckets already issued.

      Example. If a Participant in the Offer makes a deposit to their account of 1,000 USD and receives a ticket, then withdraws 1,000 USD and deposits it back to the account, they will not receive a second ticket.

    3. Participants can deposit funds to their accounts in stages and still receive tickets. All deposits to trading and transitory accounts made during the Offer period are added together and the Participant's eligibility to receive tickets is determined by this total.

      Example. If a Participant deposits 100 USD to their account once a month, starting from March, they will receive 1 ticket in December (since the total amount deposited by the Participant will have reached 1,000 USD).

  7. In the event that a Participant - having registered with myAlpari and made a deposit to their account after the Offer period has started - then makes a withdrawal within 30 days of receiving their first ticket, all tickets that were assigned to the Participant prior to this withdrawal shall be invalidated.
  8. In order to be eligible for selection in the raffles (final and preliminary), the Participant’s ticket(s) must be activated. Tickets become activated once the Participant has achieved a certain level of trading activity.
    1. Participants must trade at least 3 full lots to activate each ticket.

      Example. If a Participant tops up their account by 2,000 USD, receives 2 tickets, and then completes trading operations amounting to 3 full lots, only 1 ticket will be activated.

    2. When calculating the trading turnover for activating tickets, only trading activity on the following account types are taken into consideration as part of the Offer: standard.mt4, ecn.mt4, pro.ecn.mt4, pamm.standard.mt4, pamm.ecn.mt4, and Trading operations performed on demo versions of the aforementioned account types, nano.mt4 account types, as well as all MetaTrader 5 account types are not included in the trading turnover calculation for this Offer. For PAMM account managers and investors, trading turnover is calculated with respect to their share in the PAMM account.
    3. When calculating trading turnover, only full trades (i.e. those that were both opened and closed during the Offer period) on positions that were open for at least 3 minutes are included in the calculation.
    4. In the case of a close by opposite positions, or a multiple close by opposite positions, only half of the total volume of the positions closed is included in the trading turnover calculation.
  9. Once a ticket has been issued, the trading volume required to activate it will start being calculated from the moment the ticket appears on the offer page in the client's myAlpari.

    Example. If a Participant tops up their account by 1,000 USD, receives a ticket, and performs trading operations whose total volume amounts to 6 full lots (activating their ticket in the process), and then subsequently tops up their account by another 1,000 (receiving another ticket), the Participant will still need to trade another 3 full lots to activate the second ticket.

  10. Tickets don't expire between raffles.

    Example. If a Participant tops up their account by 2,000 USD, thereby receiving 2 tickets, and then achieves a trading turnover of 3 full lots (thereby activating 1 ticket), the Participant will have 1 activated ticket at the time of the next raffle. If, after the first raffle has taken place, the same Participant completes another 3 lots' worth of trading operations, the second ticket will be activated and the Participant will have 2 valid tickets for the next raffle.

  11. Prize categories: top prizes, special prizes, and consolation prizes.
    1. Top prizes (hereinafter "Top prizes").
      Prize namePrize amount, USD
      1 Mercedes GLS 90,000
      2 BMW 5 Series 50,000
      3 Polaris Slingshot SL 25,000
    2. In the event that a Participant in the Offer wins one of the Top prizes, the prize amount will be credited to the Participant's trading account. These funds will then be available for withdrawal by the Participant.
    3. Special prizes (hereinafter "Special prizes") are issued in the form of bonus credit funds. 3 sets of special prizes will be raffled during the Offer period. Each set contains 10 bonuses: one worth 5,000 USD, one worth 4,000 USD, one worth 3,000 USD, 3 bonuses worth 2,000 USD, and 4 bonuses worth 1,000 USD. The bonuses will be transferred to the Participant's standard.mt4 account with the highest balance and will be available for 30 days from the moment of transfer. 5 USD will become available for withdrawal for each full lot traded. Equity on the account cannot be lower than the value of the credit funds. Further information about the terms of use for special prizes can be found in the Appendix to the Offer Terms & Conditions.
    4. Consolation prizes (hereinafter "Consolation prizes") are issued in the form of bonus points for the Alpari Cashback loyalty program. 3 sets of Consolation prizes will be raffled, each of which shall include 20 prizes of 20,000 ALP each.
  12. 3 separate raffles will be held during the Offer period.
    1. The Top prizes will be raffled on 12/12/2018.
    2. The Special prizes will be raffled in stages during the Offer period, including one set along with the top prize raffle.
    3. The Consolation prizes will be raffled in stages during the Offer period along with the Special prizes, including one set along with the Top prize raffle.
  13. Prizes will be credited to the winners within one month of the raffle taking place.
  14. Participants can receive multiple prizes (from separate raffles), but only one of the top prizes.
  15. The winners of the raffles are determined by way of a random draw of all activated tickets.
    1. A random number generator service will be used to conduct the random draw: (preferably) or a similar service.
    2. The results of the random draw, along with the winning ticket number, will be published on the Company website. Prize-winners will be notified by email at the address specified by them when registering their myAlpari account.


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