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Bonus Point Conversion to Cash for Binary Option Trading

Bonus points accrued can be exchanged for cash to trade binary options. To do so, select how many points you would like to convert in your myAlpari and make sure that the amount converted is credited to your alpari.binary account. Then start trading!

The points exchange takes place at Alpari’s internal ALPUSD rate.

How does it work?

Let’s say that there are 20,000 ALP on your bonus account and you wish to exchange 5,000 ALP for use in trading binary options.

You make a request for the points’ conversion, selecting the number of points and alpari.binary account to which the funds will be transferred. The current ALPUSD rate is 1 USD for 100 ALP. In this case, 50 USD1 will be credited to your account.

The funds you receive can only be used for trading binary options. Any profits resulting from these trades can be spent entirely as you wish.2.

Please Note:

  1. The maximum amount of bonus points available to be exchanged is 150 per week and exchange requests should not exceed 1/4 of the current bonus account balance. One request may be made per week.
  2. Two wallets will be created on the alpari.binary account in the BinaryTrader platform: one for your own funds and one for bonus funds which you have received following points conversion. Bonus funds used in trading will be used up when an option is opened and any profit derived from their use will appear in the wallet for your funds.
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