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Alpari Cashback

The service that traders and investors the world over have been waiting for

What is Alpari Cashback?

Alpari Cashback is a unique loyalty program for the Forex industry. Trade, invest and deposit to earn points that can be used to get back funds you spend on fees, i.e. spread or negative swap, or cash.

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Earn points!

Trade, invest, open and fund an account – even the most commonplace activities will reward you with bonus points from Alpari! The number of points depends on your activenss on the finaincial markets. The more alps on your account, the more cashback you can receive.

Get better trading conditions!

The currency of your bonus account is alps (ALP). You can exchange alps for cash or use them to buy discount packages to improve your trading and investment conditions; get refunds on the spread and commission making deposits and transfers...

Receive money back!

The Alpari Cashback program offers you the unique opportunity to exchange points to cash for use in your trading and investment or for withdrawal. You can also exchange points for funds to
trade Fix-Contracts; a simple and easy to use financial instrument which allows you to
earn up to 100% of your investment in just a single minute.

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Collect your first points today!

You can receive your first points for registering, opening and funding an account.


Are you already an Alpari client? Check how many points you already have on your account!

Cashback program rules

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