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Forex charts online

These Forex charts show the price movements of financial instruments in real time.

Choose the right time to complete your trade on the instrument you need.

You can also specify the chart type and timeframe.

Start trading

Live Forex quotes

Instruments Bid Ask Spread
Instruments Bid Ask Spread
AUDUSD 0.66360.66381.2
EURJPY 169.911169.9433.2
EURUSD 1.08341.08351
GBPUSD 1.27341.27351.4
NZDUSD 0.6120.61221.4
USDCAD 1.36771.36791.7
USDCHF 0.90360.90381.6
USDJPY 156.834156.8562.2
Instruments Bid Ask Spread
Instruments Bid Ask Spread
Instruments Price Price change
BTC 69354.98002014.2200
DASH 30.24000.2200
DOGE 0.1600-0.0029
ETH 3815.190061.4200
LTC 85.13001.2500
XMR 145.57005.6800
XRP 0.53000.0007
ZEC 26.9500-0.0620

Select a convenient chart type

  • Candlestick


    These charts reflect the activity of buyers and sellers (bullish and bearish candlesticks) to help you assess the state of the market. You can change the timeframe by scrolling.

  • Bar


    Very similar to candlesticks, though visually not quite as convenient to interpret. They show the high and low prices for the time interval, as well as the opening and closing prices. You can track price movements on timeframes starting from 5 minutes.

  • Linear


    These charts show the closing prices for any time interval from a minute up to a day. These are useful for getting a general idea of the market trend.

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