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Markets Brace For Another Event Heavy Week

Asian markets were a mixed bag on Tuesday as weak China data countered the initial optimism set off by Wall Street overnight, after the benchmark S&P 500 notched its fifth consecutive monthly gain.
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Trade Of The Week: GBPUSD Twitchy Ahead Of BoE

Sterling could kick off the new trading month with a bang as focus falls on the Bank of England rate decision.
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Week Ahead: US NFP Report May Rock These 3 Markets

If you thought this was a volatile week jampacked with high-risk events, then just wait until you see what’s in store for the first week of August…
UK100_m climbs past 7700 amid BoE pause
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UK100_m climbs past 7700 amid BoE pause

Benchmark UK stock index may climb even higher as end of the BoE’s tightening cycle is in sight.