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iRobot is one of the world leaders in the robotics industry. They build robots for vacuum cleaning, floor washing, carrying out military intelligence, and bomb disposal. The company distributes its products through retail stores, as well as directly supplying the US Army and other government institutions across the world. The company was founded in 1990. In the beginning, its operations were focused on fulfilling orders from the US Department of Defense and NASA space program. The company has a research and production base at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), as well as numerous production and assembly lines in various countries across the world. Revenue distribution: 53.1% of the company sales come from the US, with the remaining 46.9% spread among various other countries. Some of its biggest shareholders include: BlackRock (13.56%), Morgan Stanley (1.14%), Goldman Sachs (1.05%), and Rothschild Asset Management (0.97%).

Growth factors:

  • The company continues to successfully develop new innovative products, expand its current production line, and increase the business marginality.
  • The company takeover of its biggest European distributor; Robopolis, is expected to be completed before the end of 2017. This will allow iRobot to significantly increase its presence in Europe in terms of boosting sales and creating new sales channels, strengthening the company brand and marketing, and improving the quality of its customer service.
  • Improving marginality: the company return on equity is 15.01% (up from 10.93% at the start of 2016), the return on assets is at 11.95% (up from 8.70% at the start of 2016), and the return on invested capital is 14.29% (up from 10.67% at the start of 2016). In the first 7 months of 2017, the company has seen an annual net profit of 74.48% (the ratio of net profit to revenue for the first 7 months of 2017 is 7.20%).
  • Continued growth of other financial indicators, particularly revenue, which grew at an annual rate of 25.80% in the first 7 months of 2017).
  • Low risks to financial stability. The company has no debt load.

Investment period ends:

Expected yield is calculated according to 90% capital protection and the price of the base asset at expiry, equal to 139 USD.

Technical Analysis:

iRobot share price is continuing to move in a long-term upwards trend and is currently around the zero line of the 200-day moving average. The significant technical levels are: 107.98; 101.40; 96.81; 90.42; 80.24; 63.08; 54.10; 47.31; 41.13; 35.14; 28.95; 23.17; 16.98.


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