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Expires: 15/02/2019

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An international, rapidly growing high-tech company which is a leader in the production of wireless devices for healthy lifestyles and keeping fit (one of the top five leaders in the world). The company’s product line includes special light bracelets (fitness trackers), which measure how many calories are burnt when a person is exercising, in addition to smart watches for sport, amongst other things. The company’s geographical revenue diversification: US – 69.6%; Americas (excluding the US) – 4.6%; Europe, the Middle East and Africa – 14.8%; Asia Pacific – 11.0%.

Growth Factors:

  • The company acquired the start-up Coin: a high-tech Silicon Valley company which specialises in electronic payment systems. The technology received as part of the deal will allow Fitbit to integrate its bracelets/watches with all of the advantages of electronic payment systems and, thus, replace bank cards. For example: the owners of Fitbit bracelets/watches don’t need to carry a wallet with cash and cards inside; they can pay for purchases with a single touch of the innovative wearable gadget.
  • Prolonged rapid company growth: a revenue rise of 140.62% (YoY) over the past year.
  • Decent marginality: return on equity is 21.84%. Return on assets is 12.34%. Net profit to revenue for the previous year was 5.6%.
  • Low financial instability risks: the company has no debt liabilities and a decent liquidity reserve.

Investment period ends:

Expected yield is calculated according to 90% capital protection and the price of the base asset at expiry, equal to 8 USD.

Technical Analysis:

Fitbit’s share price is readying to leave the Ichimoku indicator cloud upwards. An upward trend is starting to form. The significant technical levels are: 12.18; 15.78; 18.72; 26.67; 34.51; 41.49; 47.78; 51.68.


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