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What are structured products?

Structured products are a way to maximise the protection of your capital and maximise your profit, with them significantly surpassing the interest offered by bank accounts.
Such balance is achieved due to the distribution of funds between risky - but high-return - and risk-free - but low-return - financial instruments.

Structured products are made up of two parts:
risk-free and income-producing

Risk-free part

Funds are invested in financial instruments with a fixed return (bank savings accounts, bills of exchange or bonds)


The second part of the funds is invested in higher income-producing, but higher-risk instruments, for example, options.

How structured products work


The investor selects the structured product they deem suitable,
based on the product's basic parameters

Capital protection level

Up to 100%.
The percentage of the client's investment
which they are guaranteed to
receive back.

Participation coefficient

Shows which part of the
potential yield of the base asset the
client can receive at the end of
the investment period.

Investment amount

Minimum investment:
from 500 USD.

Investment duration

Minimum duration: from 2 weeks.

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What happens to the invested funds?

In favourable circumstances, the investor receives a significant profit which derived from the guaranteed income1 from investment in risk-free
instruments and profit from investing in assets with risk involved. If the outcome of the investment in instruments involving risk is negative,
the guaranteed income from the first part of the investment means losses are minimalised.

How the size of potential profit depends on the level of capital protection

100% capital protection

Investment period
Investment period
Potential profit from
investing in risk associated part

Guaranteed income from
investment in risk-free part
3,000 USD

Capital protection: 90%

Investment period
Investment period
Potential profit from
investing in risk associated part

Guaranteed income from
investment in risk-free part
2,700 USD
  • Investment amount: 3,000 USD
  • Investment in risk-bearing part
  • Investment in risk-free part
  • Capital protection level

Want to increase the potential returns from your investments?

If your investment amount exceeds 3,000 USD with a capital protection level of no less than 66.7%, you can receive a cash amount, secured by your structured product, which can be used for Forex trading and investing in PAMM Accounts and PAMM Portfolios.

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Types of structured products on offer

Unlimited returns

The product's yield is completely unlimited, depending only
on the profit which the investments bring from high-risk assets,
taking the participation coefficient into account.

Limited returns

A product with a high participation coefficient and a small
minimum investment amount. Investors receive profit
which is limited by the selected price level, even if the
price surpasses this level.


To invest in this product, you need to set the level which
the base asset's price should or should not touch.

Coupon payout

Investing in this kind of product, the client sets the level
which the price should reach. If the price doesn't touch this level, but travels
in the direction which the investor forecasted, they receive
part of the profit in accordance with the coupon.

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  • Investment product returns shown in the examples above, in addition to previous investment results, are no guarantee of future profits.
  • All products are denominated in USD.
  • Commission for creating a Structrured Product is 2% of the assset's cost and is taken at the product's expiry.
  • Potential returns are shown as an annualised percentage.

Please note:

  1. The guaranteed payout is credited on account of the investment made in instruments with a fixed return (Eurobonds and bonds from trustworthy issuing bodies, leading bank deposit accounts). Alpari bears no responsibility for cases where risk for such instruments arises in connection with bankruptcy of bond and Eurobond issuing bodies, or bank bankruptcy in which accounts are held.
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