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Structured products

Our ready-to-use investment solutions have been developed by experts with long-standing experience and allow even the most novice of investors profitably invest their funds. Structured products have extremely high protection from risks, whilst being able to yield returns of up to 200%.

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  • The returns on investment products are provided as examples, and in addition, past results are no guarantee of future results.
  • All products are denominated in US dollars.
  • Commission for the creation of structured products is 2% of the asset value, and is charged when the product matures.
  • The potential returns are expressed as a percent per annum.
  • All investment ideas, published on this page, are indicative only, and in no way represent or should be considered as, investment advice or guidance to invest in the financial markets. Alpari is not liable for any direct or indirect losses (or any other type of damages) which may occur through the use of the information provided.
  • Investment ideas preserve the authors own punctuation, spelling and style.
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