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PAMM portfolio builder

A PAMM portfolio presents an excellent opportunity to diversify your risk. Our portfolio builder allows you to create the optimal portfolio based on your risk and reward preferences and this is all done under investment conditions that suit you.

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How to create a portfolio

To begin, select the PAMM accounts that you would like to add to your portfolio. Then, decide what percent of your funds will be allocated to each account. Next, you will be able to analyse the return of the portfolio over different periods. There are two ways to begin building your own portfolio:

  • Use the ratings to add PAMM accounts to your portfolio

    Designed for investors to pick and choose managers: the ratings show multiple criteria allowing you to make the ideal choice.

    • In the ratings, hover the mouse over the PAMM account you'd like to add to the portfolio.

    • Click on a row to open the chart.

    • Under the chart, click on the button to add the PAMM account to your portfolio.

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