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Become a PAMM manager!

Management is an art

If you know how to do it properly, you can earn more by managing investor funds and receive additional profit for this.

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What is a PAMM account?

An innovative service for financial markets; developed by Alpari, and the recipient of many prestigious awards. PAMM accounts group several investment accounts; one of which belongs to the manager, who makes trades on the account, and the remaining accounts belong to investors, who pay the manager a remuneration fee for successful trading. Several PAMM accounts can also be managed as one by using a PAMM portfolio.

How PAMM accounts work

The validity of all of the managers’ data and that of the rating has been confirmed by an independent audit.

PAMM account service: advantages and opportunities

Over 40,000 investors

put money in PAMM accounts
during 2017

Over 5,000 investors

put money in PAMM portfolios
during 2017

Simplicity of attracting Investors

Attracting investors to a large international brand is much easier.

  • Multi-tier offer

    Set your own conditions at which to work with investors. You can offer preferential terms in the form of additional bonuses to attract more investors.

  • Objectivity

    The best advert for your PAMM account is a high position in our independent ratings, the validity of which has been verified by an international audit company.

  • Dependable

    All of your trades will be firmly protected against copying. You can set up your required privacy in myAlpari.

  • Reduced risks

    You can group several PAMM accounts with different trading strategies into one PAMM portfolio to diversify risks and make investors a more sophisticated offer.

How to become a manager

  1. Register with myAlpari if you haven’t yet done so.
  2. Open a PAMM account, indicate the manager’s capital and transfer the corresponding amount of funds from your transitory account.
  3. Specify the conditions of the offer at which you are willing to accept investment in your PAMM account and start trading.
Open PAMM account

Attract partners

If you need help to promote your PAMM Account, invite partners to cooperate with you. This could be advertising specialists, analysts, managers, etc.
Partners can be any Alpari client and the size and the conditions at which they receive compensation for their work will depend on the partnership program.

Referral partner

The referral partner receives a percentage of the
profit generated by the manager from each client referred.

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Auxiliary partner

The auxiliary partner receives a fixed percentage of the manager’s profit
and the terms of the partnership are agreed upon on an individual basis.

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