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PAMM account service: an
innovative proposition from Alpari

This investment product allows you to earn without independently trading on the Forex market. This is why PAMM accounts are so popular amongst investors the world over.

Invest funds

If you don't have the requisite knowledge to trade Forex independently or you just don't have the time to do so, invest funds in experienced traders. Simply choose which PAMM account suits you best from the rating - according to the strategy, return, growth and other parameters - and invest funds in it.

How do PAMM accounts work?

PAMM portfolio

Choose a ready-to-use PAMM portfolio to reduce risks. Portfolios bring together several PAMM accounts from different managers. You can also compile your own portfolio and make it public for investor investment, receiving compensation for doing so.

How do PAMM portfolios work?

Select an effective investment solution

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Unlike bank deposits, the potential return of a PAMM account is unlimited. The Forex market offers enormous opportunity and your profit depends only on how effective the PAMM account manager is able to take advantage of the opportunities available.


You can keep track of the manager's work, the results of it and assess their efficiency thanks to monitoring and support which is accessible via myAlpari.


Managers cannot withdraw funds from the account, instead only being able to conduct trading operations. The validity of the data and documents of each manager has been carefully verified by experts from an international audit company.

Withdraw funds at any time

You can withdraw profit and funds at any time, just as you can invest additional money, thereby increasing your potential profit.

How to invest in a PAMM account or PAMM portfolio

  1. Register with myAlpari

    Make a deposit of funds to your transitory account in myAlpari which you intend to invest.

  2. Choose a PAMM account or PAMM portfolio

    In the PAMM account or PAMM portfolio rating you can decide which manager you would like to work with and click the Invest button.


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