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What are Alpari Fix-Contracts?

Quick financial results without any special knowledge!

Fix-Contracts are financial instruments with a fixed cost and where the size of the potential payout is known beforehand. You can make a profit from these instruments in the space of just 30 seconds! See for yourself; make a prediction and open a trade in our Fix-ContractsTrader platform. The result is down to you; if your prediction is correct, you'll make a profit.

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Why are Fix-Contracts so popular?

An example of a trade

Suppose that you believe the exchange rate of the EURUSD currency pair will rise during trading on the currency market, so you buy a Call contract.

If your prediction turns out to be correct, with an initial investment of 100 USD, you'll make a profit of 85% (85 USD). So, when trading closes, you'll receive 185 USD (initial investment + profit). The bigger your initial investment, the higher your profit! The maximum investment for one trade in our Fix-ContractsTrader platform is 5,000 USD.

Trade opened
Trade closed

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  • The return on the contract in our example, as well as returns made by investors in the past, are no guarantee of future results.
  • Trading Fix-Contracts on the demo version of our Fix-ContractsTrader platform provides an excellent opportunity to make trades online without risking your personal funds.
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