What is "GLD"? How can I make a deposit in GLD?

In addition to traditional EUR and USD-denominated accounts, Alpari also offers accounts denominated in GLD, a unit tied to the price of gold. Alpari’s GLD-denominated accounts are a great alternative to unallocated metal accounts.

You can make a deposit to a GLD-denominated account in USD or EUR using any of the the deposit options offered by Alpari. When your funds are credited to your account, they will be converted into GLD based on our current conversion rates.

To open an account denominated in GLD, simply select "GLD" as your denomination in the account opening form. You may open an account in myAlpari much as you would open one of our traditional accounts.

Example: How GLD is Converted into Another Currency

Your funds will be converted based on the current USD to GLD rate in myAlpari.

Let’s say that the current rate is: 1 GLD = 1.33 USD. Your deposit of 1,000 USD will be converted to 751.88 GLD (1,000 / 1.33).

When you begin trading, your account balance will be 751.88 GLD. You will be able to trade all of the instruments available on USD and EUR-denominated standard.mt4 accounts (including spot gold – XAUUSD).

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