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How can I download quote histories in MetaTrader ?

To download a quote history (a list of the price of an instrument at different times) in MetaTrader:

  • Increase the maximum number of bars in one day to 1,440 by going to the "Tools" menu in the upper toolbar, selecting "Options", clicking the "Charts" tab, then entering "1,440" in the "Max bars in history" box. After doing this, one day in your Quote History will contain 1,440 M1 (one-minute) bars.
  • Go to to the "Tools" menu in the upper toolbar and select "History Center". The quotes are downloaded automatically in MetaTrader 5.
  • Double-click to choose a trading instrument and timeframe. Click "Download".

After clicking "Download", MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 will import the history of quotes for your chosen instrument and display this information for all time frames.

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