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What's the difference between a public and a private PAMM Portfolio?

When creating a PAMM Portfolio, the investor can decide whether to make the portfolio public or private. By default, PAMM Portfolios are public. Once a portfolio has been created it is not possible to swap the status from private to public or vice versa.

Public PAMM Portfolios appear in the full list of PAMM Portfolios on the site. A dedicated thread in the forum is also created, where the portfolio manager can talk to investors. A public PAMM Portfolio requires the client to register in the forum. This type of account is recommended for those who wish to actively attract investment.

Private PAMM Portfolios don't appear in our list of portfolios on the site and there is no associated thread in the form. You can carry out your own testing of the service, work out your strategy and, at a later stage, select which investors you would like to work with.

At the same time, investors in private PAMM Portfolios can use all the services and functions available on public portfolios.

Please note:

  • When a manager makes their first public portfolio, they have to create a nickname for the forum, which will also be used in myAlpari.
  • When publishing subsequent PAMM Portfolios, the nickname created for your first portfolio will be used in the forum for each future portfolio.

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