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What is a PAMM portfolio request planner and how can I configure it?

The request planner is an instrument that can be used to set the time for when requests for funds withdrawals on a PAMM portfolio will be processed.

To make changes to the planner, you need to:

  • login to myAlpari;
  • go to the PAMM portfolio page;
  • select a PAMM portfolio
  • select Requests and Planner on the portfolio's page;
  • click on the corresponding point on the planner to select or deselect the hour when requests will be processeed;
  • select a convenient time for when you will receive notification about requests submitted (sent via email or SMS).


  • Deposit requests are processed and executed every hour, regardless of the settings in the request planner.
  • Withdrawal requests are only processed at active rollovers in accordance with the request planner.
  • The time shown in the planner is EET.

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