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How can I create and activate a PAMM Portfolio?

Clients who open a PAMM Portfolio become portfolio managers. They can manage a portfolio using only their own funds or additionally, they can attract investment from other clients (investors). In this case, the portfolio manager can receive compensation from the investors based on the profit that their portfolio earns.

To create a PAMM Portfolio, you should:

  • Select the PAMM Accounts which you think are best using the builder.
  • In the portfolio click Invest.
  • Choose the transitory account from which you would like to make a deposit to the Portfolio;
  • Click Create Portfolio.

To complete the process of creating a public PAMM portfolio, you must give the portfolio a name and description. To do this:

  • From the menu, select "My Accounts" – "PAMM Portfolio Accounts";
  • Click on the PAMM Portfolio number you want to name.
  • In the section "PAMM Portfolio Activation" click on the button "Continue Activation";
  • Enter the name and description of your PAMM Portfolio;
  • Click the button "Activate Portfolio".


If you have created a public PAMM Portfolio, then you must activate and publish the portfolio before you can begin using it.

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