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What is the "request planner" and how does it work?

In the request planner, managers set the schedule for rollovers on the account. It is during rollovers that withdrawal requests from investors are processed. Rollovers may be set for any time of day.

To adjust your request planner:

  • Log in to myAlpari.
  • Go to the section "My PAMM Accounts".
  • Select the appropriate PAMM Account.
  • From the account window, click the button "Requests".
  • Click on the corresponding point to set when you will process requests.
  • Set how you wish to receive request notifications (email or SMS).


  • Deposit requests are processed and executed every hour, regardless of the type of rollover.
  • Withdrawal requests are only processed at active rollovers in accordance with the request planner.
  • The times shown in the request planner are EET.

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