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How can a manager register a partner for their PAMM Account?

PAMM Account partnership programs allow the manager to set up a partnership with any Alpari client. These programs feature a flexible reward system for partners by allowing managers and partners to agree upon how compensation should be paid out.

To add an Alpari client as a partner to you PAMM account, follow the instructions below:

  • Find out their myAlpari number.
  • Log in to myAlpari and click the "My Partners" icon in the "PAMM Managers" tab.
  • Click the "Add a Partner" link.

Your partner will be informed of your decision by email.

When adding a partner, managers set the type and size of the partner's compensation.

There are two types of compensation:

  • Compensation for the Auxiliary partnership program is awarded to partners as a percentage of the manager’s compensation from the trading profits of all investors in a PAMM Account.
  • Compensation for the Referral partnership program is awarded to each partner as a percentage of the manager’s compensation from each investor the partner referred to the PAMM account.

The percentage set as the partner's compensation will be in effect until the date the cooperation terms are re-evaluated (reassessment date). The manager determines the next reassessment date when adding a partner.

A manager may also offer the partner new terms at any time. It is the partner’s choice whether or not to accept the new partnership terms at this time or wait until the reassessment date originally set by the manager.

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