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What is a referral link and how does it work?

A referral link is a special link that allows the manager and the manager’s referral partners to keep track of the investors referred to their PAMM accounts. Reference links to public PAMM accounts are available on the PAMM account's profile page in the ratings (in the "Banners" section).

PAMM partners can use a referral link in one of the following ways:

  • Private PAMM partners can receive a reference link in the Partner Account once a manager has added them to their list of partners. Once this has happened, the partner may provide the link to refer potential investors. Once the investor has created an investment account using the link provided, the manager and their partner will receive a notification on their Partner Accounts. A list of all referral links is available on the Partner Account under "PAMM service" - "Private partners".
  • Public PAMM partners have access to all referral links for PAMM accounts whose managers have set a public remuneration percentage for referral partners. The list of links is available in the Partner Account under "Referral links" in the "PAMM service" section.

Confirmation of referrals by partners are done through the use of cookies, which are valid for 90 days from the moment the referral link was last used to access the PAMM account's page.

Please note: Your PAMM partner number, which must be specified under "Banners and informers" upon receiving a referral link, can be found in your Partner Account under "PAMM service" - "Referral links and PAMM accounts" - "Your PAMM partner number".

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