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What is a rollover on a PAMM Account?

A PAMM Account rollover (which we will also simply call "rollover") takes place at the end of each trading hour. During a rollover, the following takes place:

  • Trading results are finalized and recorded.
  • The manager's compensation is calculated.
  • Deposit and withdrawal requests are processed.
  • Information about the PAMM Account on the Alpari site is updated.

There are two types of rollover:

  • Active Rollover: During this type of rollover, PAMM Account data is updated, PAMM managers and partners are paid compensation and requests for deposits and withdrawals are processed.
  • Idle Rollover: No requests for withdrawals are processed.

The number of active rollovers on a PAMM Account and how often they will take place is determined by the manager in the request planner.


  • Deposit requests are processed and executed every hour, regardless of the type of rollover.
  • Withdrawal requests are only processed at active rollovers in accordance with the request planner.
  • By default, PAMM Accounts are set up to have an active rollover every hour (based on server time) with a threshold of 10 minutes.
  • PAMM Accounts must have at least one active rollover every 24 hours.

Read the "PAMM Account Regulations" to find out more about how rollovers work.

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