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With Fix-Contracts, is there a fee for selling before expiry?

You are able to sell a Fix-Contract before its expiry if you want to fix your profit or minimise your losses. If you do this, the Fix-Contract will lose part of its initial cost and only part of the investment amount will be added to your account. Upon an early sale, the profit percentage is automatically calculated in the Fix-ContractsTrader platform for each individual contract and depends on both the Fix-Contract’s parameters and the remaining time to expiry.

To sell a contract early, log in to the Fix-ContractsTrader platform, select the “Active contracts” tab and click on “Put out”. You will immediately be offered a price at which to sell. If you agree to close the contract, the amount shown will be added to your account, the contract will be sold and it will be recorded as expired. The cost of a Fix-Contract is not refunded if you sell it before expiry, and the expiry price is equal to the purchase price of the contract.

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