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Under what conditions does the run of trades for receiving the Bonus Bank end?

  1. 1

    The conditions regarding the minimum cost of opening a contract in order to receive the Bonus Bank for any run of trades are not observed.


    4 successful trades in a row are completed; the cost of each contract for the trades is no less than 5 USD. The cost of the contract for the fifth trade is 1 USD. In this case, independent of whether the fifth trade is a success, the run ends and the conditions for receiving the Bonus Bank are unfulfilled.

  2. 2 Early expiry of a contract, as a result of which the client loses the whole amount invested in purchasing the contract.
  3. 3 Expiration of Fix-Contracts with a payout equal to the amount paid to purchase the contract.
  4. 4 Only funds received from exchanging bonus points for cash to trade Fix-Contracts are used.

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