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How and who can receive the Bonus Bank?

  1. 1 Clients who complete a run of 5 successful trades in a row (each subsequent trade should be opened after the closing of the previous one) can earn the Bonus Bank.
  2. 2 The run of successful trades should correspond to the following requirements:
    • The cost of each contract should be a minimum of 5 USD/EUR (where a contract is opened at less than this value, the run of trades ends).
    • The trade’s expiry time should be no longer than one hour.
    • Where funds which are derived from exchanging bonus points for cash to trade Fix-Contracts are used in the trade, the client should also use a minimum of 5 USD/EUR in the trade.
  3. 3 The Bonus Bank can be won a maximum of 3 times per day, per myAlpari.
  4. 4 Where 2 trading accounts fulfil the conditions to win the Bonus Bank simultaneously (to the millisecond, i.e. 13:20:23.13) the bonus will be credited to the account with the higher trading turnover (the turnover for the account’s total trading history in USD).
  5. 5 The company reserves the ultimate right to award the bonus.

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