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How does the bitcoin differ from other cryptocurrencies?

The bitcoin is the world's first decentralised cryptocurrency, and is currently the most popular. Its market cap is several times larger than that of other digital currencies. This system has the highest number of buyers, sellers and transactions, which makes it highly liquid. Because of this, more effort and funds are put into the development of the bitcoin by investors and entrepreneurs, making it a highly competitive means of payment.

Throughout its existence, the Bitcoin system has yet to experience any serious failures, and so is considered to be one of the safest cryptocurrencies around today.

The digital currencies that appeared after the bitcoin are called altcoins. They're created based on the same algorithms as Bitcoin. The difference is in the way the algorithms are encrypted and in how the mining process is organised; the creation of a new block doesn't depend on a computer's processing power, but on the number of coins in a miner's wallet.

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