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Why am I not in the rankings?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • If you can't find your nickname in the final rankings for any of the contests, it is likely that you aren't in the top 25 of the "Plus Rating". Only the top 25 contestants in the "Plus Rating" will show up in the "Final Rating".
  • If the equity level on your account when the rankings were last updated was less than when your account was added to the "Active Accounts" list (see clause 1.10 of the Jackpot Rules), then your account will not show up in the rankings.
  • Your account will only show up in the contest rankings the day after you register. A check will be run on your account at rollover to see if it meets the minimum deposit requirement for the contest (see clause 1.10 of the Jackpot Rules). After your account has met this requirement, it will be added to the list of "Active Accounts" and show up in the rankings.
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