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How is the trading turnover calculated for my share in a PAMM account?

Bonus points are awarded to investors only for their share of the trading turnover of a PAMM Account, meaning that a client will only receive bonus points when their invested funds are used for trades (maintaining the trading turnover).

If the client invests in a PAMM Account when the position was already opened, and the manager doesn't correct the position, then when the bonus points are calculated the client will only receive points for the closing of the position.

Example: Calculating the trading turnover in accordance with the investors share of a PAMM Account.

The client invests 1,000 USD in a PAMM Account.

Their investment amounts to 10% of the overall share of the balance of the PAMM Account.

The manager of the account closes the first deal after they receive the client's investment with an overall turnover of 1,935,000 USD.

The client's share of this turnover is 10% × 1,935,000 USD = 193,500 USD.

The number of bonus points that the client is awarded depends upon the coefficient for the level of investment turnover and the coefficient of their myAlpari status.

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