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What can I find in a trading statement?

Trading statements help investors keep track of the manager's transactions and the performance of the PAMM Account.

Investors can find their trading statements in myAlpari. Click on the "Investment Accounts" icon in the "Investor Tools" tab. Select your investment account and go to the "Statements" tab. Here, you will be able to find information about your manager's transactions on the PAMM Account as they are reflected on your investment account.

In the "Calculations" section, Investors can view a history of changes in their PAMM Account, including the Balance, the Equity and the Share Count. This information can also be found in your PAMM Account monitoring.

In the "Detailed Trading Statement" section, you will be able to find the same information that the manager sees in their trading platform. The volume that appears in the investor's trading statement, however, will be proportionally less than in the manager's trading platform, depending on the investor's share in the PAMM Account as a whole.

During rollover on PAMM Accounts, all positions on investment accounts will appear in the trading statement as having been closed and reopened at the end of each trading hour, however this will not actually take place on the PAMM Account in the manager's trading platform. All positions held open on the manager's PAMM Account during the transition from one trading hour to the next will be shown in the trading statements as being closed at the last quote of the previous trading hour and reopened at the beginning of the next hour at the same quote at which they were closed. The order numbers in the statements will, however, be the same as in the manager's trading platform.

To view your trading statement:

  • Log in to myAlpari.
  • Click on the "My Investments" section of the left hand menu and select "In PAMM Accounts".
  • Click on the number of the PAMM Account.
  • In the investment window, click the tab "Reports".
  • Set the appropriate time period for the report.
  • Choose whether you want to see a Balance Operations report or a Trading Statements report.
  • Click the button "Show Reports".


Managers are able to set an "undisclosed period" for investors in their PAMM Accounts, which establishes a delay for investors viewing information about trading on the PAMM Account. After the delay, Investors can view updated information about trading on the PAMM Account. This feature is designed to protect the manager's trading from being copied.

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