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Andrey Valerievich Dashin’s biography

Андрей Валерьевич Дашин

Andrey Dashin, a well-known Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, is the owner of the international financial brand Alpari. He was born on the 8th of July, 1975, in Kazan, Russia. It was here that Dashin completed his higher education, graduating from the prestigious Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute in 1996 with a major in Banking. Andrey Dashin’s professional career, however, had already started while he was still a student. He wasted no time in mastering the skills of management, which propelled him up the career ladder at some of the leading companies in the region. Having taken stock of the global financial crisis of 1998, he took a prescient interest in the Forex market and took it upon himself to master the art of currency trading. At the age of 24, thanks to the acquisition of invaluable skills and knowledge, Andrey began to realise his entrepreneurial ambitions with the construction of a business model, culminating in the creation of a company that would provide brokerage services on the currency market in line with the highest international standards and latest technological developments. To this end, Alpari was incorporated in 1998, soon to be headed by Andrey Dashin. The chosen business model, professional team, and the continuous improvement of technologies coupled with the rise of the Internet, allowed this business to hit the ground running on the Russian market, allowing it to expand and rapidly develop an international presence. Today, in addition to owning the international financial brand Alpari, he is also the owner of another Forex broker; FXTM.

Andrey Dashin’s hobbies

Andrey Dashin is a paragon of active community engagement and social responsibility. The owner of the Alpari brand started working on charitable projects in earnest back in 2000. For several years, he provided support to certain medical institutions in Kazan out of his own pocket. 5 years later, Andrey expanded his charitable activities by founding the Alpari Charitable Fund. Since 2005, the fund has provided support to families in dire living conditions, children suffering from severe illnesses and to child welfare institutions in the Republic of Tatarstan. The charity’s activities are made possible by constant fundraising events and campaigns. The Alpari Charitable Fund is also part of the federal “Dobro Mail.RU” service, a nationwide network in which charitable organisations of all kinds can coordinate with one another. In every one of Andrey’s charitable endeavours, he’s had his wife Julia by his side, and together, in 2014, they created one more social welfare charity; Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation.

Still, Andrey’s life does not lack for leisure and recreation. The entrepreneur’s main passion is mountains. For him, it provides an emotional respite from the trappings of everyday routine as well as a cleansing of the body and soul. Another sport that Dashin is keen on is boxing, which he has practiced almost every day for the last 20 years. Such dedication to boxing, he explains, is due to the fact that boxing is a sport like no other. It trains your mind to make quick decisions under intense pressure and success is determined not so much by a boxer’s physical strength, but by their tactics and strategy.

Andrey Dashin: FXTM and Alpari

The international financial brand Alpari was founded in 1998 and to this day provides services in the trading industry as well as in investments, analysis and education. More than a million clients across 150 countries have chosen the Alpari brand, which has more than 80 offices across the globe. Alpari consistently dominates the markets of the countries in which it operates, both in terms of client share and trading volume. Today, the company continues to actively develop on international markets, including in Southeast Asia and South America. In October 2016, Andrey Dashin opened a global headquarters for the international Alpari brand at an IT business centre in Ebene’s Cybercity, Mauritius. This move will boost the attractiveness of working with Alpari for potential partners and clients from Asia, East Africa and the Indian Oceanic region. Dashin and his Alpari brand regularly receive recognition of their professional achievements at finance’s most prestigious awards ceremonies, and the company’s consistent high ranking among the world’s most authoritative international ratings systems is testament to its success.

In 2011, Andrey Dashin brought one more Forex broker onto the market – FXTM – whose defining purpose was to offer the most innovative products and services on the Forex market, as well as the widest possible selection of account types for traders of all levels of experience. Soon enough, FXTM had made a name for itself, storming onto the international scene. In 2016, the company opened an office in London, which attests to the high quality of the company’s products and services needed to compete on international markets. The company’s top priority under Dashin has been attractive and flexible trading conditions for clients, which has already earnt FXTM recognition among some of Europe’s most renowned institutions.

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