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Successful Investor

Alpari rewards your success

As well as making money from your PAMM investments, you can also win 500 USD! Take part in Successful Investor, and make the best return on your account over a month.


Contest Terms

Receive 500 USD

Receive 500 USD

Each round lasts for 1 month. Every day, Alpari publishes the names of the 3 best investors who are leading the competition in the forum (in Russian). The investor who makes the best return on their investment over the round wins 500 USD on their transitory account.

Recent Successful Investor Contest Winners

Contest Terms

  • Register for myAlpari.
  • Create an investment account and make a deposit of at least 500 USD / EUR.


  1. Before you enter the contest, make sure you read through the contest rules. Please note, investment accounts containing Manager's Capital are not eligible for participation in the contest.
  2. Past returns are not a guarantee of future profits.
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