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Analyst Contest

Show how bright you are by becoming
the star of our Analyst Contest!

We are looking for experts

Are you able to analyse financial markets and make accurate forecasts?

Then why not test your skills in our Analyst Contest. Write an analytical review on any financial market and take part to win glory as well as cash prizes.

The most interesting articles will
be published on the market reviews
section of our website

Alpari's website is visited by thousands upon thousands of people every day. Make a name for yourself and become a popular analyst!

100 USD
1st place
90 USD
2nd place
80 USD
3rd place
70 USD
4th place
60 USD
5th place

The authors of the best analyses
are invited to partner up
with Alpari!

Each round lasts 2 weeks.At the end of each round our experts will select 5 of the best contestants who will share 400 USD between them. You may take part in the contest as many times as you like and have the opportunity to win several times!

How to take part?

Compile one or several analytical reviews about any market - be it gold, currency or commodities - and send them to us at info at acontest dot com indicating Analyst Contest as the subject.

Our experts will assess the quality and validity of the material and the best reviews will be published on the Alpari website.

We will declare the winners of each round every fortnight and they will receive from 60 to 100 USD!


  1. The content should be your own work and unique; it should not be published elsewhere on the internet or in any other form. The analysis should be between 1,000 and 5,000 characters long.
  2. A photograph, along with the full name and a short description of the author should be attached to the first analysis that the contestant submits.
  3. The review should be long or medium-term since short-term reviews quite easily become old whilst they are being submitted and assessed. The title should contain the validity period of the review, in addition to the name of the instrument / market analysed. The analysis should not contain any promises or guarantees of returns.
  1. The text of the review should be well prepared and edited so as not to contain unnecessary extra spaces between characters or spelling errors.
  2. If graphs are used in the review, they should be attached to the e-mail as a separate file. The graphs should be of .png or .jpg format. The size of the graph should be as follows: width – 650 px, height – from 400 to 650 px. Each review should contain no more than three graphs. Graphs should be in black and white.
  3. Your analysis should not contain any obscenities, profanities or allusions to such, offensive language of any kind whether it be connected to race, nationality, language or religion, nor should the review incite class or racial discrimination.

Winners of round 27 (19th December, 2016 - 1st January, 2017)

  • In the photo Gleb Kabanov
    1st place
    Gleb Kabanov
    100 USD
  • In the photo Yuri Vishnevetskii
    2nd place
    Yuri Vishnevetskii
    90 USD
  • In the photo Anna Osmakova
    3rd place
    Anna Osmakova
    80 USD
  • In the photo Muhammad Syofri Ardiyanto
    4th place
    Muhammad Syofri Ardiyanto
    70 USD


  • Analyses sent are considered by a member of Alpari’s analytical department within one working day of being received.
  • The winners are chosen based on the personal opinions of analysts from Alpari’s analytical department.
  • The company retains the right to select less than 5 finalists at the end of each contest round.
  • The company retains the right to withhold the reasons for why one or another analytical review was not published on the website, in addition to decline to respond to repeat letters from authors whose articles were not published.
  • After the analysis is published, its intellectual property rights are transferred to Alpari in accordance with the Copyright Regulations.
  • The author’s written analytical style should be their own. The author’s standpoint can differ from that of the company.
  • Forecasts which are made in the analysis will be considered as the personal opinion of the author. Forecasts do not constitute recommendations of how to trade or manage one’s work on the financial markets. Alpari does not hold any responsibility for possible losses or other forms of damage, be they direct or consequential, which may arise from using the material in the analysis.
  • In sending their analysis and photograph to the contest, the author gives their permission for the usage of this content on the website, in addition to indicating the full name and biography of the author.
  • In sending their analytical review to the contest, the author automatically agrees with the conditions listed above.
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