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Forex trader contests

Forex contests offer up an excellent opportunity for traders with any level of experience to earn. Novices can try out trading without risking a penny on demo accounts in our Virtual Reality contest. More advanced traders can compete on live accounts in trading contests such as Trader Wars and Formula FX, with the contests’ top prizes of up to 1,000 USD. There is also a contest for binary options trading: King of the Hill. The length of rounds for each contest varies from one week to several months. The total prize fund for all contests exceeds 100,000 USD!

The number of contests is constantly increasing, offering traders new opportunities to win cash prizes in addition to profits they receive from trading on the currency market. Pretty much all of the contests have ratings which display the results of the previous round and the main indicators which everyone can use as a marker for success. Our Forex contests are the perfect chance for you to show other traders that your strategy is the one which brings results.

How to take part in contests

To take part in Forex contests you need to register for myAlpari. The simple registration process takes just a couple of minutes.

You can participate in our Analyst Contest without having to register; all you need to do is send in your analytical financial market review to

To take part in the Trader Wars and Formula FX contests you need to open a trading account. For those who want to compete for prizes in the Successful Investor and Top Portfolio Manager contests, they will need a corresponding investment account and PAMM Portfolio. To be in with a chance of winning in the King of the Hill contest, you need to open an account for trading binary options. Use Forex contests to test your trading and investment strategies, earn and receive cash prizes and bonus points!

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