It's our 19th anniversary!

Returning the chess crown to Russia

Revenge in waiting

Alpari and Sergey Karyakin have undergone and long
and difficult path in their fight for chess's top prize

In 2012, Alpari brought the then promising young grandmaster, Sergey Karyakin, to the world's attention, with high hopes for the youngster. Both sides signed a cooperation agreement, giving themselves the ambitious goal of returning the chess crown to Russia. Alpari is the Russian's first ever personal sponsor.

During our cooperation, we have, most importantly, set a trend in Russia with regards to chess, as well as create an industry for chess sponsorship.


Alpari and Sergey Karyakin's partnership

Many predicted a comfortable victory for
Carlsen, although it was anything but

  • Sergey Karyakin
    Sergey Karyakin
  • Magnus Carlsen
    Magnus Carlsen

New York


of November

    • Karyakin showed that he was very well-prepared for this unprecedented encounter.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 43 turns

      0.5: 0.5

      Game 1


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen admitted that Sergey had put himself in a very strong position in the first game.
    • Sergey called the game intense, but not too entertaining.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 31 turns

      1: 1

      Game 2


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Magnus noted that his competitor hadn't created any problems for himself.
    • Sergey Karyakin defended brilliantly.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 78 turns

      1.5: 1.5

      Game 3


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Magnus Carlsen attacked unrelentingly.
    • Karyakin played aggressively, but in the end was forced to save the game.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 94 turns

      2: 2

      Game 4


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen praised the Russian grandmaster, who was able to bring the game to a draw.
  • Another 3 games ended in a draw, with nothing to choose between the rivals.
    • Karyakin's victory. "I used his own ambition against him", Sergey said.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 53 turns

      4.5: 3.5

      Game 8


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen's mistakes showed in the result.
    • Karyakin had the advantage, but at the crucial moment, failed to see the move that would have won him the game.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 74 turns

      5: 4

      Game 9


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • "I'm just glad that I was saved. I didn't play very well and it could have ended badly", Carlsen said.
    • The reason for Karyakin's defeat was the mistake he made on the 56th turn.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 75 turns

      5: 5

      Game 10


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Following two unsuccessful games, Carlsen managed to gather himself and level the score.
    • "I wasn't impressed with my performance in this game but happy that it ended in a draw", Karyakin admitted.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 34 turns

      5.5: 5.5

      Game 11


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • No side had the upper hand in this encounter and the players settled for a draw.
    • The final game lasted a record half an hour. Karyakin noted that he was happy with a draw.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 30 turns

      6: 6

      Game 12


    • Magnus Carlsen
    • "It's good for me that there will be a tiebreaker", Carlsen noted


30th of November

    • Sergey Karyakin started with white and was reluctant to agree to a draw.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 37 turns

      0.5: 0.5

    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen was dead set on giving himself a birthday present.
    • Karyakin miraculously saved the game. Even the computer showed that he should have lost on the 31st turn.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 84 turns

      1: 1

    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen again played with conviction, putting his opponent in a difficult position, but missing out on victory.
    • Sergey had some problems with time and finally conceded on the 37th turn.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 38 turns

      1: 2

    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen was surprisingly calm after missing out on victory in the previous game.
    • Again, Karyakin was short on time and he graciously accepted defeat.
    • Sergey Karyakin
    • 50 turns

      1: 3

    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Carlsen had a significant advantage and the Norwegian confidently secured the victory.

The match between Karyakin and Carlsen went down in history. The encounter was followed by over 3 million people from over 200 countries, an astounding record.

Karyakin has become the embodiment of Russian chess's revival.

This match for the chess crown has gone down as one of the most interesting and intense in the trophy's history. Chess enthusiasts were delighted with how well the Russian played, which put some question marks over the champion's supposed invincibility.

The crown may have stayed with the Norwegian, but Sergey Karyakin won the hearts of chess enthusiasts everywhere. After this encounter, the pair met again at the World Blitz Championship with the Russian emerging victorious over Carlsen in a sparkling display.

Now the Candidates Tournament lies ahead, in which the Russian will fight for the right to compete in the World Chess Championship.

We are absolutely certain that Sergey will get his revenge and
fulfil his dream of returning the chess crown to Russia!


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