Alpari Recognized at the Ukrainian Financial Olympus Awards

05 Mar 201310:07

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The Press Conference in Kiev

Alpari was once again recognized for its "Sterling Reputation", this time at November’s 2012 Ukrainian Financial Olympus Awards. A press conference was held in Kiev to announce Alpari’s latest award as well as to discuss the direction of the Ukrainian economy and the future of brokerage services in the country.

The event drew a great deal of interest from the Ukrainian media, seeing as Alpari is an industry leader not only in Ukraine, but on a global scale as well. 2012 was a big year for Alpari in Ukraine. A new office was recently opened in Odessa, with several other offices set to open sometime in the near future. The year also marked the release of Alpari’s first-of-its-kind structured product builder, a service that allows Alpari clients to custom-design their very own investment products.

Natalya Evseeva

Alpari’s Aleksandr Mikhailenko was at the conference to field questions from reporters. Asked about the potential devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia, Aleksandr speculated that the currency adjustment was virtually inevitable and that this would be a good thing for the economy.

Alpari’s latest award is just further proof that the company is on the right path. This confirmation came from a panel made up of leaders in the Ukrainian business community including the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, the Ukrainian Union of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors and the National Association of Credit Unions. "Offering our clients the best trading terms, cutting-edge services, forward-thinking investment products and progressive educational programs – that’s what Alpari’s focused on," exclaimed Natalya Evseeva, director of Alpari’s official partner in Kiev.

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