Alpari’s Valeriy Tarasov Takes Part in Swiss Economic Forum

04 Mar 201317:13

Dear Clients,

The 2013 Russian Economic and Financial Forum was held March 3–4 in Zurich, Switzerland. Alpari Corporate Communications Director Valeriy Tarasov was there to take part in the twelfth session of the annual event.

Influential figures from the worlds of business and science were invited to speak at the forum; as were a number of dignitaries from Russian government organizations. Some names worth mentioning: Dmitry Pankin, Head of the Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia; Sergey Shatalov, Secretary of State and Deputy Minister of Finance; and Natalya Burykina, Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma on Financial Markets.

Some of the main topics on this year’s agenda were:

  • The medium- and long-term outlook for socioeconomic development in Russia
  • The effects of the world financial crisis on the Russian economy
  • How to strengthen civil society and develop lasting civic institutions in Russia

Tarasov took part in an expert panel devoted to the "Improvement of Monetary and Credit Policy, the Optimization of Taxes and the Regulation of Financial Markets".

"The companies working under the Alpari brand name operate in a variety of different jurisdictions across the globe. This includes some of the world’s most developed countries such as Great Britain, the United States and Japan. I’m certain that our experience working with regulators and professional associations of market participants will help us as we work on establishing an optimal system of measures that facilitate the cooperation of the involved parties in Russia," commented Tarasov.

Alpari is an active participant in CRFIN (the Center for Regulating OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies), an organization that brings together some of the leading players in the Russian currency market. Alpari has been working with the self-regulatory organization on a consistent basis for several years now, advocating the introduction of regulatory measures in the Russian Forex market that meet world standards.

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