Celebrating 5 Years of the PAMM Account Service

27 Sep 201312:54

Dear Clients,

It has now been 5 years since Alpari unveiled its signature PAMM investment service. The PAMM Account was a breakthrough in the Forex industry and quickly proved to be a major hit with Alpari clients. It provided investors and money managers with an account management service that was well ahead of its time both in terms of transparency and overall quality. Just a year after the service was released, it was named the "Best Innovative Service on the Forex Market" at the 2008 Financial Olympus Awards. The PAMM Account was recognized again at the 2012 Golden Phoenix Awards, this time as the "Best Investment Product on the Forex Market".

The PAMM Account has helped set the standard in Forex investments over the past 5 years. The service gives investors a variety of account managers and trading strategies to choose from, with over 1,500 active PAMM Accounts. More than 400,000 investment accounts have accounted for 146.88 billion USD in trading volume so far this year.

Alpari has put a great deal of effort into improving the PAMM Account service over the years, giving clients more options and making the service easier to use. Here are some of the key features we’ve added along the way:

  • The PAMM Account Ratings: a sortable list of PAMM Accounts that makes finding the right manager a lot easier
  • Ready-made PAMM Portfolios: a series of portfolios of individual PAMM Accounts, each portfolio tailored to a particular risk/reward profile
  • The PAMM Portfolio Builder: a tool allowing Alpari investors to design their own portfolio of PAMM Accounts

But we’re not stopping there. Alpari clients can expect a new mobile investment application sometime in the near future. The "Alpari Invest" app will give clients real-time access to their investments anywhere and anytime, allowing them to react to changes in the market as they’re occurring.

In addition to the new app, Alpari clients will soon have the opportunity to trade Forex or invest in PAMM Accounts with the money they have invested in structured products. With the new "margin account", clients will be able to get even more out of their money.

We are also working on a new feature for our PAMM Portfolio service which will allow Alpari clients to invest in the custom PAMM Portfolios of experienced investors.

We hope that these new features will make things easier for all of our managers, investors and partners out there.

Best Regards,

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