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04 July 2016

With a 1,917% return, Oleg Yuminov is the winner of the third round of our King of the Hill Contest. Moreover, Oleg didn’t simply manage to be top of the rating with an impressive profit percentage, but he also won in the Maximum Profit Percentage nomination, winning an impressive amount of Alpari Cashback bonus points for doing so!

01 July 2016

Due to Independence Day celebrations in the US, on 4th July, 2016, bank transfers in USD will be unavailable. Work will resume as normal on 5th July, 2016.
Due to Independence Day, on 4th July, 2016, the trading schedule will undergo some changes.
The results of the May round of our Successful Investor contest are in. The winner is Kirill Belyaev from Moscow who already took home the top prize back in October of last year. His investment account in May again showed the highest return: 144.32%. Congratulations to our winner and we are crediting his account with a 500 USD prize.

30 June 2016

The Brits have decided to vote in favour of Brexit and this has caused absolute madness on the markets and we are experiencing times with the highest volatility on record. Most probably, many of you haven't seen so much red in your trading platform before. The market hates uncertainty and everybody is asking the same question: what next?

29 June 2016

On 18 December, 2013, the influential and highly regarded International Finance Magazine awards ceremony was held in Dubai (UAE).
Find out how to use a unique opportunity to earn from high-tech wireless payment systems and pharmaceuticals. Specialists from Alpari’s investment department would like to bring two companies to your attention.

28 June 2016

You probably haven’t all heard that our Analyst Contest is continuing and, in light of this, the 13th round saw many participants out of the race. However, those that keep a watchful eye on our news were in the loop; continuing to send their analyses in without taking a moment for pause. Our expert jury has again decided to award prizes to only three contestants this time around.
In times of falling interest rates for bank deposits, Alpari offers you the chance to invest money in investment products which are similar to bank deposits (products have 100% investor capital protection), allowing you to receive returns which significantly exceed those of bank interest.
Alpari’s trading turnover in May 2016 reached $89 billion. The main growth during this period came from GBPUSD (+8%) and EURJPY (+19%). Simultaneously, the share of the most popular currency pair – EURUSD – fell in the last of the spring months; this instrument saw its lowest volatility for the year thus far.
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