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Company news


26 December 2016

After a dozen rounds at the top, Yuri Vishnevetskii has finally been knocked from his perch by our new leader after occupying pole position for 6 months!

23 December 2016

The results of the 25th round of our Analyst Contest are in and we once again have Yuri Vishnevetskii on the top of the list. However, the remaining participants aren’t giving him a moment’s rest and are continually piling on the pressure. For example, Lina Koltyga has nudged up one place from last round: from second to third. Whilst Egor Tkachenko who was in the top five last round has landed himself the bronze this time around.

22 December 2016

Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, the working regime of banks will alter. Please take the following into account when planning any bank transfers.

16 December 2016

The results of November’s Successful Investor are in. This time Dmitry Krotov from Ekaterinburg was the winner with a 260% return for the month. As a prize, Dmitry receives 500 USD on his transitory account. Congratulations to our winner and we wish him further financial successes!
Alpari’s November trading turnover on the key markets where the company has a presence rose 4% to $89.4 billion. The main driver for growth over this period was EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs, turnover of which rose over the course of the final autumn month more noticeably than other pairs.

15 December 2016

On 28th November, 2016, the central bank of the Russian Federation finalised its decision to issue Alpari Forex Ltd. with a license granting the company the right to conduct its activities as a Forex dealer throughout Russia1. As such, Alpari is now an officially licensed Forex dealer on the Russian market. The total capital held by Alpari Forex Ltd. exceeds 100 million Russian roubles.
Meet Vera Chuprova: bronze winner in the 179th round of our Formula FX contest. She managed to achieve a return of 604.31% in a week’s trading. This is far from being the first time that a member of the fairer sex has got into a prize-winning position in our trader contests. Vera shared with us her views on why women are interested in financial markets and how sporting experience is helpful for trading.

14 December 2016

We would like to inform you that from 19 December, 2016, the changes will be introduced to the Terms of Business for STANDARD and NANO Accounts.

08 December 2016

The time has come to bask in the glory of victory since the results of the latest round of our Full Throttle contest are in!
The time has come to bask in the glory of victory since the results of the latest round of our Formula FX contest are in!
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