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Company news


25 September 2017

On the 3rd of October, 2017, due to German Unity Day celebrations, trading on the DAX30 instrument will be unavailable.

20 September 2017

On the 18 of September, 2017, some changes will be made to the “Terms of Business for STANDARD and NANO Accounts”, “Terms of Business for ECN Accounts”, and the “Terms of Business for PRO.ECN.MT4 Accounts”.

18 September 2017

Due to Independence Day celebrations and the Barbecue (Khorovats) Festival taking place in Armenia, some changes will be made to Ameriabank’s operating regime on the 18th and 21st of September, 2017.

12 September 2017

The results of our Successful Investor competition for August are in.

11 September 2017

In the month of August, the trading turnover of the international financial brand Alpari, owned by Andrey Dashin, showed an increase of 14% on July across key markets, reaching a total of 120.8bn USD. The primary driver behind this growth was trading on the US dollar, which has seen increased volatility and trader activity over the last month.

04 September 2017

On the 4th of September, due to Labor Day celebrations taking place in the US and Canada, some changes will be made to the trading schedule concerning CFDs and spot metals.

25 August 2017

We would like to inform you that margin requirements for FX Special trading instruments will be improved.

23 August 2017

Due to the Summer Bank Holiday in the UK on 28.08.2017, trading on FTSE100 will be closed.
The time has come to bask in the glory of victory as the results of the latest round of our King of the Hill competition are in!

21 August 2017

The time has come to bask in the glory of victory as the results of the latest round of our Full Throttle competition are in!
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