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Alpari Upgrades the Trader's Calculator

20 Mar 201517:32

Dear Clients,

We are delighted to announce that now you can take advantage of the new and updated version of the Trader’s Calculator. The calculator will be useful for both those who’ve only just started trading on the financial markets and for experienced traders, since, when in online mode, it calculates the key Forex deal parameters for all types of trading instrument: point cost, contract size, spread, swap, margin, commission size and possible profit.

Moreover, only with the help of Alpari’s calculator can you calculate 5 deals simultaneously, taking into account all trading volume limitations for each instrument! In its calculations, the calculator also takes margin requirements and floating leverage into account.

When necessary, the calculator automatically converts the calculation into the currency of your account and shows the current conversion rate, whilst using up-to-date prices in its calculation.

We hope that the Traders Calculator comes in handy for you and your work on financial markets!

Best Regards,

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