Alpari Renews Sponsorship Deal with Chess Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin

10 Sep 201316:47

Dear Clients,

Sergey Karjakin and Sergey Vyazmin at the Moscow Office

Alpari renewed its sponsorship deal with Sergey Karjakin on September 6, 2013. The Russian chess grandmaster was invited to the Alpari office in Moscow to sign the paperwork and take part in a mini-celebration.

Alpari signed its first sponsorship agreement with Karjakin in 2012, pledging to support the young grandmaster in his quest to return the world chess crown to Russia. Over the past year, Sergey strengthened his position in the world rankings, winning the 2012 World Rapid Chess Championship along the way. Sergey’s strong performance reserved him a spot in a tournament where the winner will earn a shot at the world chess crown, currently held by India's Viswanathan Anand.

"We signed our first sponsorship deal with Sergey Karjakin a year ago and have had the fortune of not only witnessing his recent successes, but also of seeing progress in the Russian chess community. Sergey had a spectacular year, proving that he has both the ability and the desire to become the best in the world. The renewal of our partnership with Karjakin just goes to show how impressed we have been with his performance and how much confidence we have that he can bring the chess crown back to Russia," said Sergey Vyazmin, member of Alpari’s board of directors.

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