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Alpari Unveiling New Investment Products

08 Jan 201318:01

Dear Clients,

Starting on July 11, 2012, Alpari clients will gain access to a new line of investment products.1

Investment funds give you the chance to outperform the funds' benchmarks but with less risk. Additionally, this product allows investors to employ a virtually unlimited range of investment strategies and instruments.

What the investment funds have to offer:

  • one-click investment
  • minimum investment of just $100
  • low commission for fund management
  • commission-free share purchases
  • no requirement to hold to maturity

Structured products are pre-packaged investment strategies which are ideal for meeting specific risk / return targets. A structured product consist of two parts: one part of the investment is placed in fixed-income assets, the other part is invested in options which allow the investor to benefit from price movement of the underlying assets.

What the structured products have to offer:

  • lowest market entry requirements
  • possibility of 100% capital guarantee
  • wide selection of indexes and assets
  • no requirement to hold to maturity
  • no hidden commissions

You can learn more about these products in the Investment section of our site or by calling us at +44 8449 869559.



  1.  Alpari NZ acts as an official agent of FS Products Ltd.

Best Regards,

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