Andrey Dashin Helps Organize Charity Event for Future Interior Ministry Servicemen

27 Sep 201314:35

Dear Clients,

On June 1, 2013, the Social Programs Center of the Russian Ministry of the Interior held an event for students studying at vocational schools of the Russian Ministry of the Interior. All of the students in attendance were children of Ministry personnel who died in the line of duty. One of the main organizers of the event was Andrey Dashin, chairman of the guardianship board of the Service for the Social and Legal Protection of Ministry of the Interior Personnel and the chairman of the board at Alpari.

The main purpose of the event, held in honor of International Children’s Day, was to serve as a reminder of the responsibility we share for the well-being of the younger generation and of how important it is to look after our children and make sure they are properly protected. After all, our society will soon depend on this generation.

Among the speakers at the event were: Ivan Shilov, deputy minister of the interior, chairman of the veterans council of the Internal Affairs and Interior Troop Agencies of the Russian Ministry of the Interior and a lieutenant general in the internal service; Valeriy Alyabev, head of the Social Programs Center, a member of the collegium of the Russian Ministry of the Interior and a colonel in the internal service; and Anna Peshokha and Ivan Saprykin, students at the Moscow University of the Ministry of the Interior. After the speeches, everyone in attendance had some tea and took part in a photo session to commemorate the event. At the end of the get-together, the students each received a laptop as a gift.

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