Our First Two-time Winner in 'Successful Investor' – Artyem Molodtsov

Dear Clients,

Artyem Molodtsov

We’re pleased to announce the winner from the December round of Successful Investor – it’s Artyem Molodtsov, who just so happens to have been the winner of the November round as well. Artyem put together another impressive month of investing, ending up with a return of 87.33% on his investment account for December (he earned an 89.16% ROI in November). Well done Artyem, well done!

We started up the Successful Investor contest in March 2012, initially planning to shut things down when the year was up. However, the contest proved to be more popular than we had anticipated, so much so that we decided to bring it back for 2013. And this year, the prizes are even better: the winner of each round will walk away with their choice of 700 USD or an iPad 4 (with Retina display).

The first round of Successful Investor in 2013 is already underway. Hurry and sign up now.

Best Regards,

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