New at Alpari: An Economic Calendar from FXstreet

16 Jul 201311:03

Dear Clients,

A new economic calendar from FXstreet is now available on our site.

Fundamental events can have a major impact on the currency market, so it’s important for Forex traders to stay in the loop about major economic announcements, speeches and reports. The new calendar from FXstreet helps traders do just that, providing them with vital information about upcoming economic events around the world in an easy-to-read format.

The economic calendar from FXstreet serves as a vital tool for many professional currency traders, and is one of the main reasons has been one of the most popular online destinations for Forex traders since 1998. In fact, FXstreet’s reputation among traders was one of the main reasons we decided to add their calendar to our site.

In the FXstreet economic calendar, you’ll find:

  • Information about upcoming economic events in the USA, the European Union, Great Britain, Japan and other developed countries, including how much volatility each event is expected to create in the market
  • The level of impact each event is expected to have on different currencies
  • The latest news and reports about upcoming releases
  • Charts and tables showing economic indicator levels over time
  • Explanations of what each indicator shows and how it affects the markets

We hope the new calendar from FXstreet makes your trading life a little easier.

Best Regards,

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