Winner of Round 111 of Formula FX declared

Dear Clients,

Andrey Lenkov

Round 111 of Formula FX has ended, and the winner is Andrey Lenkov, who showed a profit of 1,051%. Andrey receives 400 USD on his trading account as his prize.

"It's not the first time that I've won something in a contest. If you are talking about a specific strategy for Formula FX, well, the nature of the contest means that you have to go all-in and use the most risky and volatile instruments. A lot of it is about luck and intuition. All the same, the competition brings out your dynamism, with the sudden development of events and emotions. On the whole, the financial result I had is very satisfying, and I'm going to take part in Formula FX again, as well as the other contests at Alpari. You have to be single minded and go for it, and then luck will come your way for sure!" said Andrey.

We congratulate Andrey on his deserved victory and wish him future success in his Forex career.

A new round of Formula FX starts on April 7, 2014. To take part, all you need is a minimum 30 USD deposit. The winner is the one who shows the maximum profit at the end of the round. Register now, and claim your chance to win a prize from Alpari.

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