Meet the Winner of Round 100 of 'Formula FX'

Dear Clients,

Ashanur Rakhman, Winner of Round 100

It was Ashanur Rakhman who came out on top in Round 100 of our Formula FX contest, earning a 1,159.113% return on his trading over the week. In honor of the 100th round of Formula FX, Alpari doubled the grand prize, awarding Ashanur 800 USD for the win.

"I evaluate the effectiveness of my actions by participating in different contests. This helps me come up with new trading ideas. At the moment, Alpari’s trading contests are much better than other contests," Ashanur shared with us.

Alpari would like to congratulate Ashanur on the win and wish him further success in his trading.

The next round of Formula FX starts October 7, 2013. All it takes to enter is 30 USD on your trading account. As usual, the winner will be the trader with the highest percentage of profit on their account at the end of the round. Sign up now for a chance to win 400 USD.

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